Painting for Palestine

IMG_0039Painting for Palestine was an event part of Amnesty International UTK’s Human Rights Week Event series. The Students for Justice in Palestine co-hosted this event on March 12, 2013.

This was a day that featured information on the children in Palestine in multiple lights. We began with a dinner of Palestinian food, followed by a talk from Carolyn Spellings. Spellings is a member of the PALProject at the Center for Study of Youth and Political Conflict and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Child and Family Studies. She discussed methods and data obtained from the Project, as well as her personal experiences in learning about Palestine for the first time through the study.


UT students also learned about the modern art movement in Palestine since the First Intifada. Students then painted pictures to be mailed to Palestinian children in Hebron in the West Bank. Each student was given a child’s name, age, and gender, and painted a picture for them personally.

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